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Lithium titanate oxide powder

Lithium Titanate Powder LTO For Li-ion Battery anode Materials

Part No.:OP032208-100N
Size:100nm, 1-3um
Appearance: black powder
Sample lead time:1-5days
Delivery way:DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT
  • Lithium Titanate Powder
    Lithium Titanate Powder
    CAS No: 12031-82-2 ENINEC No: 234-759-6  MF: Li4Ti5O12
    Grade Standard:Industrial, Electron Size:100nm, 1-3um Purity:99.9%
    Application:Li-ion battery anode Appearance: black powder Shape:Spherical

    Note: We can supply different size products of Lithium Titanate Powder according to client‘s requirements.

    Product Performance

    Lithium titanate (chemical formula: Li4Ti5O12), spinel structure anode material, metal lithium as the negative, charge and discharge voltage range of 1V ~ 3V, theoretical grams capacity of 175mAh / g, the actual grams of capacity ≥ 165mAh / g, voltage platform in 1.55 V, is a "zero strain" feature of a new generation of high security, long life, fast charge lithium ion battery anode material.
    Lithium Titanate Powder

    1,3C fast rechargeable battery field

    The battery is characterized by high safety, long life, fast charge (10 minutes to complete the charge), the specific energy density ≥ 70Wh / kg, the output voltage up to 2.4V-1, the use of high specific energy and lithium titanate negative match into a new lithium-ion battery, 3.2V, suitable for mobile charging and other fast charge battery field, and the service life of up to 10 years, is a real life partner.

    2, power battery field

    (Such as 5V cathode, ternary material) and lithium titanate negative match to a new type of lithium-ion battery, the specific energy density of up to 80Wh / kg ~ 120Wh / kg, the service life of more than 5000 times, can be used in electric Bicycles, electric motorcycles, fast charge electric bus and other fields, through the fast charge to achieve the car battery to reduce, thereby reducing the battery safety risks, reduce the battery input costs.

    3, energy storage battery field

    The battery is characterized by keeping the battery high safe, long life (≥10000 times), can be fast charge, the advantages of the premise, the cost of the battery is characterized by low-cost lithium battery, Further reduced, the specific energy density ≥ 70Wh / kg, is very suitable for application to the field of energy storage.
    Lithium Titanate Powder
    Lithium Titanate Powder should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, please don‘t be exposure to air, besides should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.
    Lithium Titanate Powder

    Packing  detail:Lithium Titanate Powder is available of 100g/bag, 500g/bag, 1kg/bag, according to customer‘s requirements.

    Shipping detail: lead time is 2-5days after receive the payment. The delivery method is DHL, EMS, TNT, Fedex etc.
    Lithium Titanate Powder
    Lithium Titanate Powder

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