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nanopowder dispersion

10000ppm nano single silver antibacterial liquid for daily cotton cleaning

Part No.:WDS47-10N
Silver ion content:10000ppm
Color:yellow transparent liquid
Sample lead time:1-5days
Delivery way:DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT
  • nano single silver antibacterial liquid
    nano single silver antibacterial liquid
     content nano silver PH  7.5±0.5
    Viscosity 100mPa.s Ionicity without
    color yellow transparent liquid solutable water
    Compound avoid Acidic and anionic systems

    The development of modern nanotechnology has opened up broader prospects for the application of nanosilver. Nano-silver is a very tiny particle made of natural material metal silver processed by modern high-tech nanotechnology. While exerting the antibacterial effect of silver, the nano-silver has ultra-strong activity and stronger tissue penetration due to its tiny particles and large surface area. its bactericidal effect is hundreds of times that of ordinary silver. Nanosilver kills more than 650 bacteria in minutes.

    Nanosilver directly enters the cell and binds to the oxygen-metabolizing enzyme (-SH), inactivating the enzyme, blocking the metabolism of the cell and causing it to suffocate and dying; the nanosilver can bind to the DNA in pathogenic bacteria or spores, resulting in DNA structural degeneration Suppression of its replication, inactivation of pathogenic bacteria; nano-silver can make cell membrane mitochondrial membrane permeability changes, accelerate the inactivation of bacteria. The unique bactericidal mechanism enables nano silver to quickly kill pathogenic bacteria at low concentrations.

    This product is used in all types of fabrics, giving the fabric an efficient, broad-spectrum antibacterial and deodorizing effect. The antibacterial rate is as high as 99.99%.
    nano single silver antibacterial liquid

    1. It can exert excellent antibacterial properties against a wide range of fungi.

    2. It is an antibacterial agent with low toxicity and low foaming properties.

    3. By ionic bonding, especially cellulosic fibers (cotton) can achieve a very high level of washability. No additional adhesive is required.nano single silver antibacterial liquid
    nano single silver antibacterial liquid should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, please don‘t be exposure to air, besides should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.
    nano single silver antibacterial liquid

    Packing  detail:nano single silver antibacterial liquid is available of 1kg/bottle, 25kg/bottle according to customer‘s requirements.

    Shipping detail: lead time is 2-5days after receive the payment. The delivery method is DHL, EMS, TNT, Fedex etc.
    nano single silver antibacterial liquid
    nano single silver antibacterial liquid

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