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nanopowder dispersion

Supply water liquid dispersion Silicon Dioxide liquid nano silica

Size:20-30nm, 50nm, 100nm,
Silica rate: 20%, 30%, 50%
PH: 7
Sample lead time:1-5days
Delivery way:DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT
  • silica disperision
    silica disperision
    CAS No: 14808-60-7 ENINEC No: 231-545-4  MF: SiO2
    Grade Standard:Industrial, Reagent Size:20-30nm,50nm 100nm Silica rate:20%, 30%, 50%
    Application:lubricating grease,coating,rubber, plastic,fiber,sealant,adhesive Appearance: transparent Type:water soluble

    Note: We can supply different size products of silica disperision according to client‘s requirements.

    Product Performance

    Nano-silica is non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, small particle size, specific surface area, the surface of a large number of unsaturated bonds and different bonding state of hydroxyl, adding to a large number of materials, will make the original material performance is very obvious The change. SAT NANO made with a special process of nano-silica dispersion, with good adhesion, high temperature resistance, film, gel, charge, can be widely used in various industries.
    silica disperision

    1, paint: nano-silica dispersion has been widely used in a variety of coatings, with a unique water, fire, wash resistance, stain resistance; can prevent agglomeration, anti-sagging, can also provide emulsifier, fluidity , Extinction, support, suspension, thickening, thixotropic agents and so on.

    2, As adhesive and sealant: thickening, thixotropic and fluidity control, increase the bonding strength, improve temperature resistance, to ensure free flow, to prevent agglomeration, to maintain transparency, anti-drooping, Force and so on.

    3, refractories: because of the excellent energy-saving load of high temperature resistance, nano-silica dispersion used as insulation materials widely used in furnace and other thermal equipment. With high stripping strength, high temperature volume stability, high temperature thermal shock resistance and other advantages.Nano-silica dispersion  Can also be used to prepare strong acid resistant equipment.

    4,In the textile industry: the use of nano-silica dispersion and crude oil process wool, can improve the wool can prevent, reduce the decapitation, to prevent flying, improve the yield; for the light yarn slurry, can improve the slurry Adhesion, and easy to fall pulp, so that shortening the drying time; can improve the antistatic capacity of the villi. The nano-silica dispersion after treatment of textiles, with extinction, anti-skid, wear, washable, resistant to pollution, anti-static and so on.

    5,In the paper industry: nano-silica dispersion and sensory night mixed treatment, can make the photosensitive paper board smooth, clear images, and increase the exposure range. For mattress, copy paper and offset paper precoat, can make the paper smooth, clear image contrast, good contrast. Can improve the slip resistance of paper, reduce the transport and accumulation of sliding, improve the moisture resistance of paper products, with high stability and slip resistance, and good printability.

    6, precision casting: nano-silica dispersion because of good adhesion, low shrinkage and its high temperature glass phase conversion to improve the characteristics of the widely used in the precision casting industry.

    7, polishing liquid: nano-silica dispersion with a small particle size, high concentration, good dispersion and other characteristics, used in the polishing solution to the main chemical effect, by adding chelating agent, active agent, can solve the surface roughness , Waviness and surface defects and other traditional problems.
    silica disperision
    silica disperision should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, please don‘t be exposure to air, besides should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.
    silica disperision

    Packing  detail:silica disperision is available of 1kg/bottle, 25kg/bottle according to customer‘s requirements.

    Shipping detail: lead time is 2-5days after receive the payment. The delivery method is DHL, EMS, TNT, Fedex etc.
    silica disperision

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