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How to disperse silver nanoparticle

Time:2019-01-21 Views:145
Because silver nanopowder has the effects of volume effect, surface effect and quantum size, it has many special applications. In the field of antibacterial medicine, nano silver particles are more likely to be in close contact with pathogenic microorganisms, thus exerting greater biological effects. With a wide range of antibacterial properties and long duration, it is a new type of nanomaterial with broad application prospects.
      The nano powder has small particle size, large surface activity, and easy agglomeration between particles. Nano-silver powder is no exception. Agglomerated powder will affect the development and application of nano-silver powder and its derivatives. Therefore, the key technology lies in how to solve the problem between nano-silver particles. Agglomeration between them to obtain a stable dispersion effect. To obtain a nano-silver powder material that is easily dispersed with the process formulation, please refer to the following points:
1. If the customer is willing to provide its process, we can modify the silver powder in advance to improve the dispersion of silver.
2. In general, surfactants should be combined with mechanical dispersion to achieve good dispersion.
3, commonly used mechanical dispersing equipment: generally used in low viscosity systems such as water and organic solutions can choose high-speed dispersing machine and ultrasonic equipment. The high viscosity system (paste) can be selected from a roller mill, a surface grinder, a high speed dispersing disc, and a ball mill.
4. The superficial jet mill can be used to depolymerize and surface the dried silver powder.
5. Commonly used surfactants: polymeric surfactants such as PVP, gum arabic, polyethylene glycol, polyvinyl alcohol, etc. These dispersants are recommended for aqueous systems. Surfactants can be used in combination to increase the dispersion effect.
6, SAT NANO based on years of experience in silver powder production and user feedback, summed up the practical methods and techniques of nano-silver powder dispersion. At present, we can provide untreated nano silver powder, surface modified nano silver powder, nano silver antibacterial dispersion, and so on. SAT NANO can supply series of  nano silver powder according to customer requirements.
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