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Magical magnetic fluids, which can be varied in close proximity to magnets

Time:2020-06-18 Views:53

In our daily life, we often use various forms of magnets, and many people with magnetic liquids have definitely not seen them.

magnetic fluid

Magnetic fluid is a kind of magical liquid. In short, it is a fluid-like substance with magnetism. It is covered with spikes and can change shape with magnetism at will, just like magic.

magnetic fluid

Magnetic fluid is a colloidal liquid composed of magnetic solid particles, carrier liquid and surfactant. It is non-magnetically attractive when it is static. It is magnetic when external magnetic field acts.

When the magnet is close, the magnetic fluid will be dispersed along the direction of the invisible magnetic induction line, showing a shape of peaks, a bit like the tip of durian, it looks a bit creepy.

magnetic fluid

If it is placed in a glass bottle, it becomes very fun. The shape of the magnetic fluid will continue to change with the change of the horizontal magnetic field or the vertical magnetic field. Like a fart, it will always follow closely no matter where the magnet turns.
After a while, they gathered into a small mountain peak, and then scattered into countless small black balls, which is quite interesting.
magnetic fluid

If a lit match is brought close to it, it will slowly spread out.
The tip at the top will also become smaller and denser, and become a pile of slag when it is best burned. Although the original liquid state of the magnetic fluid is lost, the magnetism still exists
magnetic fluid

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