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Water-based magnetic fluid, magnetic fluid polishing, biological magnetic fluid

Time:2020-06-18 Views:53
First. Principle of magnetic fluid sealing

Magnetic fluid has both liquid fluidity and solid magnetic properties. The magnetic fluid sealing technology is realized by utilizing the responsiveness of the magnetic liquid to the magnetic field. When the magnetic fluid is injected into the gap of the magnetic circuit composed of high-performance permanent magnets, pole shoes with good permeability, and the shaft, under the action of the magnetic field, the magnetic fluid forms several liquid "O" rings in the gap. When the magnetic fluid is affected by the pressure difference, the magnetic fluid moves slightly in the non-uniform magnetic field, generating a magnetic force against the pressure difference, thereby achieving balance and playing a sealing role. This is the principle of magnetic fluid sealing.

Second, the advantages of magnetic liquid-magnetic fluid applied to a sealed environment

There are many kinds of traditional sealing methods, but there are two problems in the following aspects: The first is that there is contact between the sealing member and the rotating shaft, which causes friction and wear of the sealing member, which reduces the service life of the sealing device. The presence of friction produces a drag torque on the prime mover, resulting in power loss. In the high-speed rotating shaft seal, the problems of wear and power loss are more serious. The second problem is that it is more difficult to achieve leak-free sealing, especially in high-speed and high-pressure differential sealing.
The magnetic fluid sealing technology overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional sealing method, and shows unique advantages in the leak-free sealing of the rotating shaft. The magnetic fluid seal relies on the strong paramagnetism of the magnetic fluid. Under the action of the external magnetic field, the magnetic fluid exists along the magnetic field lines. In the sealed gap, the flow state is maintained to form a seal.

1. Clean and environmentally friendly: Because the liquid sealing material is used, there is no contact and friction between the magnetic conductive shaft and the pole shoe, so no particles are generated;
2. High vacuum: Because the magnetic fluid with low vapor pressure is used, it can reach the ultra-high vacuum field below 10-6Pa;
3. Long life: Because there is no contact and friction between the magnetic shaft and the magnetic shoe, there is no loss, saving maintenance and reaching the life of the factory.

Third. Product Introduction

Magnetic fluid, also known as magnetic fluid, is a kind of uniform colloidal liquid which is uniformly dispersed into the liquid by nano magnetic particles (about 10 nanometers) after special treatment. It is a solid magnetic and liquid flow. Sex.

Water-based magnetic fluid

Form: black liquid Carrier

liquid: deionized water

Nanoparticle size: 10 nm
Saturation magnetization: around 200G

density: 1.18g/cm3
Solid content: 3.9%

PH: 9-10

Surfactant: anionic surfactant

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